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"At Davino Beauty, you get the best full body waxing services at great price compared to the big waxing centers that you have been going to."

When you work with me, you will get the best services from start to finish.  What's more, if you need other beauty treatments, I got you covered.  My unique approach to waxing is not based on corporate philosophy but on what women and men want.  If you are new to waxing, we are a great fit.  

When it comes to hair removal there are many options. You can do it at home or visit a waxing center near you.  It is my personal guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with my services if you give it a chance. 

 It is my pleasure to have you visit my websites, and I look forward to making your experience awesome!

Jada Davino, Founder

Painless free waxing!







Don’t book your appointment with any other big corporate brand centers till we talk!  If you have been using the big waxing centers, try me once and you will know the difference. I'm a friendly waxer who was once the lead waxer at a Big Waxing Center. Now I'm on my own to pamper clients who need it!


Full Bikini  Waxing  

$40/15 minutes

As much or as little as you want off the front. Includes bikini line.

Bikini Line Wax 

$35/10 minutes

Includes 4 finger widths from the natural bikini line and two finger widths from the top. Does not include the inner thigh.

Women Brazilian Waxing

$50/15 minutes

For female guests. As much as little as you want off the front. Includes bikini line and butt strip. 

Underarms Waxing

$15/15 minutes

Includes the underarm. Does not include the upper arm. .

We Offer Many Waxing Options for our Male Clients 

Brazilian Waxing for Him


For male guests. As much or as little as you want off the front. Includes bikini line and butt strip

Stomach Strip Waxing

$10/10 Minutes

LHappy trail Includes the strip from the bottom of the chest to underneath the belly button. Does not include the full stomach.

Inner Thighs Wax

$15/10 Minutes

Includes the hair extending outside the bikini line to above the knee. Does not include the bikini line. Can be added to any bikini service.

Full Stomach Waxing

$20/10 Minutes

Includes the length of the stomach, including the stomach strip. Does not include the chest.

Upper Leg Waxing

$40/15 Minutes

Includes the upper legs, inner thighs and knees. Does not include the bikini line.

Lower Leg Waxing

$35/30 Minutes

Includes the lower legs, knees, feet and toes

Full Legs Waxing

$70/45 Minutes

Upper and lower legs. Includes the knees, feet and toes. Does not include the bikini line.

Dermatology-Tested, Painless Wax!

Buttocks Waxing 

$25/20 Minutes

Includes butt strip and butt cheeks. 

Butt Strip Waxing

$15/15 Minutes

Includes between the cheeks

Back & Shoulder Combo Specials

Back & Shoulders Waxing Combo Special 

$65/20 Minutes

Get the works.  Full back waxed with shoulders for a discounted price

Shoulders Waxing

$15/ 10 Minutes

From the base of the neck to the top of the arms. Does not include upper arm.

Neck Waxing

$15/15 Minutes

 Front and back of the neck.

Nose Waxing

$12/15 Minutes

Inside of the nostrils.

Lip (lower) Wax Lower Lip

$12/10 Minutes

Does not include the upper lip.

Lip Waxing (Upper) 

$12/10 Minutes

Upper lip. Does not include the lower lip.

Upper & Lower Lip Combo

$20/15 Minutes

Wax upper & lower lip together for a discounted price!

Nipples Wax

$10/10 Minutes

Includes the nipples. Does not include the chest.

Ears Wax

$12/ 15 Minutes

Includes the inside and outside of the ear.

Eyebrows Waxing

$20/ 20 Minutes

Brow shaping that includes a trim, wax and tweeze. Includes filling in the brows with makeup.

Chin Waxing

$12/10 Minutes

Includes the chin.

Full Face Waxing

$45/20 Minutes

Includes the hairline, eyebrows, nose, sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, lower lip, chin and front of the neck.

Forehead Waxing

$10/10 Minutes

Hairline on the forehead. Does not include the back of the neck.

Cheeks Waxing

$15/10 Minutes

Includes the cheeks. Does not include the sideburn.

Upper Back

$30/15 Minutes

Upper third of the back. Does not include neck or shoulders.

Lower Back

$30/15 Minutes

Lower third of the back to the top of the butt.  

Full Back Waxing 

$55/ 20 Minutes

Includes the length of the back. Does not include shoulders or neck.

Lower Arm Waxing

$35/20 Minutes

Lower arms waxed, including the elbow, hands and fingers.

Full Arms Waxing 

$40/15 Minutes

Entire Length of the arm. Includes hands and fingers. Does not include under arms or shoulders.

Upper Arm Waxing 

$25/15 Minutes

Upper arm waxed, including the elbow. The upper arm Does not include the shoulders.



I highly recommend Jada for your beauty services. She is an experienced professional that you can depend on to help you look your very best!! She is a gem! Looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks Jada for all that you do!!

—Linda Nolte

Jada never disappoints. I’ve been getting waxed by her for a long time. I’m naturally sensitive but her technique helps with that! Her studio is beyond cute and she’s the sweetest person I’ve met. BOOK WITH HER!

— Ivy Hill

JADA IS AMAZING!! I can't possibly praise her enough! She's speedy and meticulous. She makes you feel at ease and is a perfectionist in her line of work.

— Qamar Z


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